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    The 7th International conference for school leaders

    27th – 29th November

    For the first time since its inception in 1961, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, ventured into school education with a belief that “Higher Education cannot perform unless school system perform”. The intention was to bring together the practitioners and researchers around the globe under one roof and give them a plat-form to disseminate their findings and initiate a reaction for further research and pedagogical developments.


    And the response has been astonishing, what we can term as the convergence of the industry and academia. With 690+ papers received, we have witnessed a tremendous desire among domain experts to contribute to the school domain, with participation from around 500 schools every year for the past 6 years. We found a similar desire among participants to absorb and incorporate the learning for the benefit of schools.


    Unlike the 1st conference which had a broad underlying theme, 2nd version of the conference was more focused on the practices and processes adopted by the schools. In this third attempt of ours, we tried to converge and diffuse the good practices be it local or transcontinental at one place. The 3rd & 4th Conference mainly focussed on upgrading Leadership practices of School practitioners with consideration of International perspectives as well. Year before last schools were asked to share their top 20 concerns from which "Value Inculcation" emerged as a potential conference theme later addressed during 5th International Conference. The 6th International conference focussed on the scholastic, co-scholastic & Values achievement of students with a theme of Creating High Achieving schools.


    Continuing the legacy of 6 International conferences at IIT Delhi, & 2 International conferences at IIT Madras, In 2015 we are coming up with our 7th International conference which will focus in the theme of “ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP - TEACHERS TRANSORMING CHILDREN”

  • Speakers

    We've got top notch Educationists !

    Maxine Driscoll

    Founder and CEO, Think Strategic for Schools

    Maxine is an award-winning educator, international speaker, trainer and upcoming author, who draws on outstanding leadership experience in Australia and internationally. She has held leadership positions in international and independent schools in Asia and Australia for 20 years culminat-ing in 15 years as a Principal or Head of School from 2000 - 2014. She is truly a 21st Century Leader!
    Her focus area during the conference would be create a culture of performance for the teachers and school leaders using appraisal systems as a tool for the same.

    Dr Harish Chaudhry

    Professor IIT Delhi

    Having done his schooling from The Doon School, dehradun, Dr. Chaudhry, holds a B.Tech from IIT, Kanpur,PGDBM from IIM Bangalore and a Ph.D from IIT Delhi. He is the pioneer of the movement on value education and good education practices which started as a workshop in IIT Delhi and now has touched more than 3500 school Principals from India and Abroad in the form of Principal Training Programs, International Study Tours and Teacher Training Programs.

    Dr. Lata Dyaram

    Assistant Professor, IIT Madras

    Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Department of Management studies, IIT Madras. She is an I/OPsychology major with a PhD in Organizational Behaviour. Her 14 yrs. of research and industry experience centres on leadership development, teaching, training and learning, behav-ioural profiling & analysis of individuals and groups. She has been an accredited practitioner of various psychometric assessments and has exten-sively worked on personal effectiveness, teams & diversity. She has published papers in leading psychology and management journals.

    Diana Sukhram

    Professor, State University of NewYork

    Diana is Professor at State University of NewYork, Old Westbury She is also chair of the Exceptional Education and Learning Department.
    She has done Phd in special education from University of Illinois and M.Ed in special education as well. Her research interest are in the following areas
     Reading Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
     Special Education in International Settings
     Teacher Preparation and Collaboration

    Dr. Raja Ram Sharma

    Joint Director, NCERT

    Rajaram S Sharma. PhD is the Joint Director of the Central Institute of Educational Technology, NCERT. He has Masters degrees in Science Education and Education and a Doctorate in Education. With over 25 years of association with education at all levels, his current interests include exploration of Educational Technologies, teacher development and curriculum studies.

    Dr. Kishore Kuncham

    Superintendent, Freeport Schools, NewYork.

    He is the superintendent of the Freeport Schools in Long Island, NewYork.He is the first Indian to be appointed as the superintendent of a school district in NewYork State.
    Dr. Kuncham has been involved in educational initiatives like the implementation and opening of the first Magnet schools on Long Island and reducing class sizes. He was also involved in designing and opening an elementary school, a science research program, a full-day kindergarten program, an alternative school, as well as other programs to improve student achievement.

    Dr. Vinnie Jauhari

    Director, Education Advocacy at Microsoft

    She has authored nine books in areas of services management and technology management published from Oxford Press, Springer ,Germany and New York. Published over 100 papers in leading international and national journals of repute .Her current role involves contributing to capacity building in education and working closed with multiple stakeholders such as faculty, government, learning partners and institutions to build exposure to engaged learning and teaching, curriculum development , deployment of technology in teaching .

    S. Anand

    Chief Data Scientist, Gramener

    Anand is the chief data scientist at Gramener. He is working very extenstively on the K-12 data of student performance which will allow us to see various surprising patterns and use them to work upon teacher’s performance as well. His past work has allowed us to see things like why do stu-dents born on one particular day of the year have unusually low scores? Why are students in a class that exhibits a bi-modal curve so secretive? Does numerology really affect marks? How does the gender difference affect performance across subjects?
    He has an MBA from IIM Bangalore with two gold medals and a B.Tech from IIT Madras. He has worked at IBM, Lehman Brothers, The Boston Consulting Group and Infosys Consulting.

    Dr. Laura Spencley

    Student Liaison, New York Association of School Psychologists

    Dr. Spenceley specializes in the assessment of learning disabilities, cognitive assessment, and the validity of testing accommodations for students with disabilities. Her teaching interests include cognitive and socioemotional assessment, tests and measures, as well as socioemotional intervention.

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    We always strive for the best.

    Ritu Kaul, DPS, Jalandhar

    It was nice and enlightening experience. The faculties were knowledgeable and it was really great sharing time and learning things with them. Team EduExcellence has made very good arrangements and have taken very good care of us. I will like to mention names of Mr. Chetan and Mr. Shakeel for extending excellent support and hospitality. I will look forward to be part of such interesting and enriching activities in future.

    Avinash Alag, Blossoms School, Bachcha Park, Meerut 

    Ever since my return from that dreamlike journey, the credit for which I owe so much to you ... Life's pendulum just moved to the polar opposite and though each day, Nick. Your hospitality and generosity and how special you made me feel, will remain etched in my being, eternally. Thanks ever so much...

    Mrs. Sabita Choudhry, Principal,S D Vidya Mandir(Panipat)

    It was a beautiful learning experience ,the topics covered in this workshop were particularly very helpful .The legal topics covered were a big help. Apart from the teaching learning experience there was very good cordial environment amongst all present and for that I would like to congratulate the entire team for excellently organizing the workshop. Looking forward for the next one Really- keep it up.

    Balraj Singha, GODWINS School, Guwahati

    We had a great experience at your place and are loaded with ideas back home from the conference. We are thankful to you for all concerns and hospitality shown. 

    Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan, The Lucknow Public Collegiate, Lucknow

    I personally feel that the visit has made us richer in volumes with the educational ideas and ideas which we saw, heard and felt.

    D.R.Singh, Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Ranchi

    I express my gratitude to you and your team members for taking so much care.

    S.Daniel Titus, PGT cum Administrator, Good Samaritan School, Jasola, New Delhi

    It was a privilege for me to attend this workshop. All the sessions from Day 1 to the end were very useful for me. I enjoyed learning in each and every session. Prof. P.K. Jain and Dr. Harish Chaudhry really impressed me a lot through their lectures. Empowerment & Motivation session by Dr. Kanika was very interesting and provided many useful thoughts. School Development Plan & Using of social media in education – both these sessions were very informative. Over all, the workshop was very useful and a knowledge flow to me. Hope each and every one who attended would also be benefited through this workshop. I sincerely thank EduExcellence for its efforts to organize this workshop for school leaders. Programme was well organized and hats off to EduExcellence

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